Abdul Nacer Benbrika will spend four extra weeks in jail

Abdul Nacer Benbrika was due to be released from jail on November 5, 2020. He will spend an extra 4 weeks in jail while the federal government argues for an extension to his jail term.

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Cops’ legal battle to keep terrorists locked up

The Australian’s national security editor writes about efforts to keep convicted terrorists like Abdul Nacer Benbrika in jail.


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Majed Raad is believed to be held in Syria

The Australian newspaper reports that Melbourne man Majed Raad is one of a number of Islamic State fighters being held in Syria. Mr Raad was tried and acquitted as part of the 2008 terrorism trial, the trial that is the subject of the documentary THE TRIAL: The inside story of Australia’s biggest terrorism trial.


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Producer John Moore has died

With immense sadness, we advise that The Trial’s producer John Moore died peacefully Tuesday night. John’s support and guidance ensured The Trial was made. A gentle determined man who will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family and friends. X

John Moore

John Moore

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Should Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Laws Cost Us Our Civil Liberties?

“The ease with which our legislators strip away fundamental rights is genuinely frightening,” wrote Greg Barns and Anna Talbot for the Australian Lawyers Alliance in the Huffington Post in November 2017. A question that has only increased in relevance since.


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News stories about Raad brothers

News Corp has been publishing stories about the Raad brothers, including those involved in Australia’s biggest terrorism trial in 2008. Found this video, which has converted the text from a Daily Telegraph story to audio, and matched it to pictures. If you have a News Corp account, you can find and read one of the actual articles.

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Meet ‘terrorist lawyer’ Rob Stary

‘I don’t judge. I don’t prosecute. I defend’

An article about lawyer Rob Stary was recently published by Fairfax (29 April 2017).

Rob Stary’s law firm represented a number of the men tried for various terrorism offences in our documentary ‘The Trial’. The film features interviews with Rob Stary and lawyers from his firm as well as behind the scenes observational footage of their preparations during the trial.



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RE-RELEASE OF THE TRIAL: The inside story of Australia’s biggest terrorism trial

Re-release of The Trial: The inside story of Australia’s biggest terrorism trial.

You can now buy this important human rights film about Australia’s legal approach to terrorism from film and educational distributor Ronin Films. https://www.roninfilms.com.au/feature/14119/trial.html

The film can be bought for download or on DVD for personal or educational use.


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How terrorism hysteria turns police reports into propaganda

Opinion piece by Greg Barns, published in the Mercury 1 January 2017.

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Greg Barns says prison treatment radicalises terror suspects

On 7 September 2016 the Age published the following article by Greg Barns.


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